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Tree nurtures the red spirit, corporate culture, buildYured image, promote enterprise development.

Enterprise culture is the soul of the enterprise. Good enterprise culture is the driving force of enterprise survival and development

"Beyond the self, the pursuit of excellence, advancing with The Times, endless" is red enterprise culture idea, also be the power that each of our education reds endeavour.

Reform themselves and challenge themselves, develop themselves, we with brand-new posture, robust and practical attitude, bring a rich vitality of modern mechanical enterprise to the future!

Enterprise spirit:
Enterprise spirit is the soul of enterprise culture, is the enterprise advocating, full identity, promote enterprise development over a long period of spiritual power. Over the years, yukon red from scratch, from weak to strong. Nurtures the red one in the stage of market economy, in the enterprise practice, common casting a "unity, pragmatic, innovative and efficient" spirit of enterprise and the fine tradition.

Unity, unity is strength. Unite the cohesive forces, unity of economic benefits. Nurtures the reds in practice, deeply understand the unity of the leadership team is the decisive factor for enterprise reform, development and stability, all the staff team spirit is the foundation of enterprise development, only in this way can in a larger scope to cope with various challenges, the enhancement enterprise's strain capacity and flexibility.
Pragmatic, practical the first priority is to insist on development, understand the enterprise itself, market and customer of the true state of things, thus to make the right decision of innovation, and put into action, with a pragmatic style of work combine the innovation of the enterprise goals and action, make innovative ideas into reality.

Innovation, enterprise competition ability is the core of innovation ability, in the face of numerous and complicated changes of domestic and overseas market, nurtures the red only advancing with The Times, to innovate unceasingly, strives for the survival in the innovation, in innovation and development, to ensure the enterprise invincible.

Efficient - market response speed has become decided to enterprise survival and development of the basic elements, increasing the efficiency of organization, carries forward the spirit, seize the day is quite fast and efficient market strain capacity, is the important guarantee of sustainable development education red get.

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